Classic follicular dyskeratosis is a seborrheic form of viagra pills that occurs in 90% of cases. Localized (linear or zosteriform) dyskeratosis, an abortive form of the disease - linear foci of dyskeratosis are localized exclusively in limited and non-standard areas of the skin. Hypertrophic (hyperkeratotic) dyskeratosis or an isolated form (warty dyskeratoma) - the primary element is dyskeratosis plaques with cracks and warty growths on the surface. Vesicular-bullous dyskeratosis - characterized by polymorphism of the rash: nodules, vesicles at different stages of development. The classic form of the disease is manifested by a rash of follicular papules covered with scabs (crusts) on areas of the skin that are typical for the localization of the seborrheic process: forehead, nasolabial folds, temples, neck, décolleté, interscapular space. The scalp is also affected. When the crusts are removed, small erosions form, which become inflamed due to the addition of a secondary infection, causing pain, an unpleasant odor, and general intoxication of the body.